Warning! Adding a User to your account may result in additional charges and fees.

To add a user to your FracTEL Dashboard account click the green “+” button on the top left side of the page as shown below.

This will take you to the User page where you can create a new user on your account

The first section is the User Editor. Here you can add a user using their email address. You can also add a user’s first and last name, along with their title.

The other options are as follows:

Device: From the drop-down menu, select the user’s assigned device. If you need to add their device to your FracTEL account, visit this help desk page:

FracTEL Dashboard | Manage Devices | Add New Device

Access: This drop-down menu allows you to select the user’s access privileges, and will automatically be set in most cases. You can see how each Access category affects privileges in the Access Editor below. To create customized privileges for a user, select the “Custom” option.

Account: If your organization has multiple FracTEL accounts, you can select the user’s specific account or sub-account. Otherwise, select the account number associated with your organization. 

The next section of the User page is the Access Editor, where you can specify user permissions and privileges. These will automatically be set for you depending on which Access category you select for the user, but it can be configured by selecting the “Custom” option.

You can specify user privileges for the following categories:

Select “None” if you wish to restrict the user’s access to view or change any of these categories.

Sub Accounts: Allows the user to read, edit, or add sub-accounts to your FracTEL dashboard. 

Users: Determines the user’s ability to read, edit, add, and remove users to your account. Remember that adding users may incur additional charges to your account.

FoneNumbers: The user may be able to read, edit, buy, and remove FracTEL phone numbers from your account. Adding a phone number to your account may add additional monthly charges, which can be viewed in Dashboard when purchasing numbers.

Business Objects: Business objects are things like contacts, documents, forms, and sound files for your organization’s FracTEL account. This permission determines whether users can read, add, and remove business objects on your account.

Billing: Determines if the user can view billing information related to your account.

Analytics: Determines if a user can view analytics related to calls and messages on your FracTEL account.

To create your new User click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.