Follow this procedure to add a new device for use with FracTEL CloudPBX.

Note: Your E911 Location should be defined before adding new devices.

Log in to the FracTEL portal.

Select Manage Devices from the Devices menu tab, then select Add New Device and press Submit.

Specify the following information:

Device Type: From the drop down menu, select the appropriate phone model from the list of CloudPBX Certified Devices. 

Device MAC: Enter the MAC Address for the device.

Device Label: Enter a name to identify this device in your CloudPBX. This label will also be used to identify the line on the display of the device.

Directory First Name: (optional): The name entered in this field will be associated with this device in the Dial by Name Directory.

Directory Last Name (optional): The name entered in this field will be associated with this device in the Dial by Name Directory.

Speed Dial: This field defines s a "shortcut" or "extension" number that can be dialed to ring this device.  Speed Dials can be any numerical pattern up 6 digits but must be unique.

Note: - FracTEL has reserved the numbers 911 (emergency), 611 (service), and 411 (information) for use on the global phone network. These numbers are not available to be used as Speed Dials. 

Local Area Code (optionsl): The local area code entered in this field will be prepended to 7 digit dialed numbers.

Access Control: This setting is used to establish PIN number authentication before allowing the device to be used for calling.  The options are None, All, or International. When Access Control is enabled, an additional field will appear on the Manage Device page to enter the Access PIN.  Access Pins must be numeric digits.

Caller ID:  A drop down menu displays all of the telephone numbers on your FracTEL Account. Select the number you would like to display for Outgoing caller id when making calls from this device.

E911 Location: Select the emergency response (E911) location defined for the physical address where this device is located. E911 locations should be defined before configuring devices.

Timeout Service: This setting determines how a call to the device will be handled when the device is unreachable, busy, or not answered. Options for this setting are:

  • None – The device will ring until the call times out on the Fractel network
  • Forward – Incoming calls will be routed to the specified phone number or Speed Dial. Set Answer Confirmation to yes for the option of rejecting the forwarded call. Use the Timeout field to set the number of seconds for the phone to ring before forwarding the call.
  • Voicemail – Callers will be routed to the selected voicemail box allowing the caller to leave a recorded message. The Timeout field sets the number of seconds to ring the phone before sending the call to Voicemail. voicemail greeting from the drop down menu. 
  • Voicemail2Email – Callers will be prompted to leave a recorded message which is immediately emailed to the specified email address. Use the Timeout field for setting the number of seconds to ring the phone before sending the call to Voicemail.     

Device Active: Use this setting to temporarily disable this device.

Time Zone: This setting defines the correct time zone for the location of the device.

Press Submit when all information has been entered.

The device will be created in the CloudPBX and provisioning files will be generated. Reboot the device.