What is Voicemail on Fractel?

Voicemail is a feature used for receiving messages from your callers when you are unable to take their call.  Mostly used as a time out destination for phones, can also be used with the majority FracTEL CloudPBX Features.

How much storage do I have in my Voicemail box?

The default setting is for approximately 10 minutes of message talk time before the mailbox fills.   Using the Voicemail to email features, it can be set to automatically clear the emailed message from the mailbox to keep it from filling up.   More storage time can be requested if needed by contacting our support department.

Do you transcribe Voicemail messages?

Yes. You will need to enable the voicemail to email functions in the mailbox, but the emailed message with the sound file attached can be transcribed to the body of the email.

What are the different options for retrieving voicemail messages?

The most common method is voicemail to email.  The sound file recording of message is emailed to the programmed address.  

You can access the voicemail box from a FracTEL device on the account by calling in to the message system.  You will need the mailbox number and password to listen to the messages.

You can have your voicemail box call you after a message is left.  The Voicemail box can be programmed to call a specific phone number after a specified time delay whenever a message is left. 

A message I listened to and deleted has re appeared in my voicemail box.

This might occur every so often, where a deleted message re-appears in a voicemail box. Due to the design of our network, voicemail messages are hosted, propagated and stored on multiple servers within our network, sometimes in the process of re syncing the voicemail system a message that was deleted will be re propagated. 

How can I contact support if I have additional questions?

If you are you need help with programming your voicemail or just have a question not covered here, you can open a ticket with our support by emailing your question to support@fractel.net .