Warning! Adding a new device to your account may result in additional charges and fees.

To add a device to your FracTEL Dashboard account navigate to the “Devices” section in the Resources tab on your dashboard and click the green “+” button on the top left side of the page as shown below.

When adding a device, there are three sections of settings to configure for your new device.

The first section is General Settings.

Create a unique Label for your device and select the Type of device from the drop-down menu. Make sure the device Type matches the model of phone you are using. If you are adding a FracTELfone to your account, select that option.

In the Caller ID drop-down menu, select the phone number associated with this device.

By default, Active will be set to “yes”, meaning the device will be enabled to make calls on your account. If you wish to keep the phone inactive for now, toggle Active to “no”. You can edit these settings later by selecting the device on your Devices page.

Next, we have the Failover Settings, which determines device behavior in the event a call isn’t answered, or the line is busy.

Select the Timeout Failover Type from the first drop-down menu. There are four options for this setting:

  • None: Call ends when finished ringing, with no option to leave a voicemail.

  • Forward: The call will be sent to another phone number after ringing, selecting this option will give you a field where you can input the phone number that you wish to forward the call to.

  • Voicemail: The caller will be able to leave a voicemail. This will give you a Voicemail field with a drop-down menu where you can select which of your configured voicemail boxes will receive the voicemail. 

  • Voice2Email: The caller will be able to leave a voicemail that will be sent to a specified email address. Two new fields will appear with this option. One where you can input the Email Address for receiving voicemails, and Voicemail Greeting, where you can type a greeting that will be read to the caller before they can leave a voicemail.

In the Timeout Failover Seconds field, input the number of seconds you wish the phone to ring before failing over.

Then, set the Busy Failover Type field to “None”, or “Forward” if you wish to forward the call to another number in the case of a busy line. This will give the option to enter a phone number that the call will be forwarded to.

Finally, in the E911Location Settings section, you can choose which E911 settings you wish to use for this device. Leave this section blank to use your account’s default E911 setting.

When you are finished configuring the settings for your new device, click “Submit” to add the new device to your account.