FracTEL has partnered with Yealink to add their line of quality handsets to our list of supported devices.

The T31g is a nice entry level phone, with 2 lines and all the standard features. Hold,Mute,3-party conference, speakerphone, Do Not Disturb.  This is our most affordable model.

The T33g is a 4 line entry level phone with all the standard features and a color screen.

The T53w is the Enterprise level phone that we are recommending to our clients due to 2 special built in features.  WIFI and Bluetooth support built in to the phone.  This phone supports all the standard features.

The T54w is the next level above the T53w.  It has all the same features plus a beautiful color screen.

For our cordless phone option we recommend the Yealink W60p hand set base combo.