Caller Name Change/Update:

After a Caller Name has been updated in all of the authoritative databases, some of your call recipients may not see the new name immediately. This is due to propagation time for the update to reach all telephone providers. Here are a few knowledge base items that may help to understand Caller-ID Name and Number.

What is the difference between Caller ID and CNAM?

The Caller ID (CLID) is the actual phone number calling in, whereas the accompanying text that provides the identifying name for that number is referred to as CNAM (Caller Name)

How do Caller ID (CLID) and Caller Name (CNAM) work together?

When a phone call is made, the Caller ID (CLID) is routed to the destination’s carrier for delivery. The Caller Name (CNAM) text data is not sent out by the originating carrier, as they are separate services.

When the call arrives, the carrier for this destination end of the call will reference that number against its own local CNAM database. At this point, both a Caller ID (CLID)number and Caller Name (CNAM)text is delivered to the recipient’s phone when it rings through.


What is a CNAM Database?

CNAM databases(Line Information Databases) are official, authoritative sources where the CNAM text data is recorded for any given phone number. There are multiple CNAM database providers that maintain these centralized records, and carriers may subscribe to one or several of them.