Perform the following steps to configuring a Yealink W52p Cordless Phone to download FracTEL provisioning files. This procedure assumes that the Yealink device has already been added to the account using the Add Device Procedure and connected to a network with WAN access.


Finding IP Address of Base Station

Connect Yealink base to local network.

Using the cordless handset press the OK button to access the menu on the phone.

Select Status, when in the status menu select Base.

The Ip Address of the base is the first option.

Logging into Base

Open your Web Broswer

Enter the IP address determined from above.

User name and Password is admin

Setting up Provisioning information

Once in the web interface click on the Phone tab in the top menu and the Auto Provision tab on the left side of the screen.

Set DHCP Option to off

Set Provisioning server to:<mac address>.cfg

replace the <macaddress> with the Mac Address of Base