Polycom Soundpoint IP phones

There are 2 types of transfers that can be performed. An Attended transfer connects the person transferring the call to the receiving party, before connecting the caller.  A blind Transfer will send the call directly to the transferred number.
Attended - The transfer button will appear on the display of the phone when the phone is connected in a call.   When you press the transfer button, the caller will be put on hold, and you dial the number and press Transfer. Once you connect to the person you are transfer to, press the transfer button again to connect them to the caller.  If they do not wish to take the call, when they hang up you will have the caller on hold.
Blind – Initially works the same as with an attended transfer, press when you press the transfer button, one of the buttons on the display will change to say BLIND.  Press the BLIND button and enter the number to transfer the call to, the call will be sent to them.
  All Polycom models have Hold button on the phone.  While in a call press the hold button to put the call on hold.  Press the Hold again to connect back to the caller. There will also a button under the display that is marked Resume; this will also take the call off hold.
3 party Conference
When in a call the ‘Confrnc’ button will appear on the bottom of the display above one of the hot keys. Press the button to put your current call on hold and dial the party to add to the conference.  Once your call connects the ‘Confrnc’ button will show on the display, press it and your calls will be bridged.
To set the forwarding on your Polycom Device, press button under Forward the display. Select the type of Forwarding to be set, options are Always, No Answer, Busy.  Next you will be asked to enter the contact, enter the number to be dialed.  When entering the number use no dashes or spaces.  Once the number is entered, an enable button will be on the display, press it and the phone will send calls to the phone number programmed.  To unforward your phone press the forward button on the display, select the Forwarding type, on the enter contact page the hot key will say disable.  Press it to disable the forwarding on your phone.