Follow this procedure to set up Fax2Email use with FracTEL CloudPBX.

Log in to the FracTEL portal.

Select Call Tree from the Features menu tab.

Click on the phone number you wish to edit, this will take you to the edit DID page for the phone number.

Set the Service type by selecting Fax2Email from the drop down menu.

Enter the Email address to receive faxes in the Fax email field. 
If there are any regions you do not wish to receive calls from you can add the 2 letter abbreviations in the Region Block field.  For a list of region Codes click here.
If you would like to set the Caller ID Name you can enter the new name in the Caller ID Name field.
Press Submit to activate the changes.
Currently FracTEL only supports emailing to one email address.  If you need faxes to be distributed to a group of email addresses, you will need to set up a distribution list in your email server for managing it.
Caller ID Names are controlled by the receiving phone carrier.  If you use the Caller ID Name field to overwrite the caller id name  not all service providers will pass the name you program.