Provisioning a Polycom Phone for FracTEL CloudPBX


Perform the following steps to the Polycom SoundPoint IP Telephone so it is configured  to download FracTEL provisioning files. This procedure assumes that the device has already been connected to a network with WAN access.
1. Reboot the device.
2. As the phone boots, press the center button labeled Setup.
3. You will be prompted for a password. Enter 456.
4. Use the down arrow to select the DHCP menu, then press Select.
5. Select the Edit button to change the Boot Server. Cycle through the Boot Server types by using the left or right arrow button.  Select to Static then press the button labeled OK.
6. Press the Exit button, then use the down arrow to select the Server menu. Press Select.
7. Press the down arrow until the Server Address option appears on the display, press Edit.
8. Type in the server address using the number key pad on the phone.  Use the <*> button for <.>
The Server address is  -
or you can use the URL -
9. Once the address is entered, press the Ok button to accept the address. Then press the Exit button twice.
10. Select the Save and Reboot option.
Once the phone reboots it will go through the process of updating it's configuration. It may reboot a couple of times during the updating process.