If you have a technical support issue, we strongly suggest that you search or browse the topics in the Helpdesk knowledge base to seek a solution to your problem. The steps for resolving routine issues can usually be found here. Also, please check your underlying network (router, switch, cabling, etc.), as all FracTEL services are internet applications that rely on proper network connectivity to function correctly.

If you are unable to resolve your issue without assistance, please send an email directly to support@fractel.net and a ticket will be created automatically. This will allow us to work and track the issue until it is closed.

Please include as much information as possible about the problem in your email. If the problem is call related, please include information about the number being called and/or the number called from, along with an approximate time of the call. This will assist our support team with troubleshooting the problem.

You can also use the HelpDesk to report an issue by clicking "New support ticket" on the right hand side of this page (Please note: this option may not be available on mobile devices).  

If the issue is urgent, please call our help desk number below and press option 9:

(321) 989 - 6727