Provisioning a Grandstream GXV32XX for FracTEL CloudPBX

Perform the following steps to configuring a Grandstream IP Telephone to download FracTEL provisioning files. This procedure assumes that the Grandstream device has already been added to the account using the Add Device Procedure and connected to a network with WAN access.
1. Once the device has booted, navigate to the Config menu.
2. Select the Network menu and identify the IP Address.
3. Enter the IP Address into an internet browser URL field on a computer connected to the same network.
4. Enter admin as the username and password on the form that is displayed and select Login.
5. Select Maintenance > Upgrade menus
6. Confirm:
Upgrade Via: HTTP
7. Change:
Firmware Server Path:
Config Server Path:
nDNS Override Server: Disable
    DHCP Option 66 Override Server
DHCP Option 120 Override SIP Server
3CX Auto Provision
    Automatic Upgrade Check Interval (m): 60
8. Select Save and confirm OK
9. Select Reboot
Once the phone reboots it will go through the process of updating it's configuration. It may reboot more than once during the updating process.