Grandstream GXP Series phones

  The GXP Series of phones have a Transfer Button on the phone.  When you want to transfer a received call press Transfer, dial the number you want to transfer the call to, then press the button next to the word Transfer on the display the phone to send the call.
Attended – The GXP2200 has the option to do an Attended Transfer. When in a call press the transfer button, on the touch screen display press the Button that says Blind.  When the selection popup appears on the display, press Attended to change the transfer mode. Then dial the number to transfer to, and press the send button on the touch screen.  This will connect you with the party you want to send the call to. If that person does not want the call they hang up and the caller will be transfer back to you.
Blind – By default the GXP Series phones do only Blind transfers.
All GXP Series phones have Hold button on the phone.  While in a call press the hold button to put the call on hold.  Press the flashing Line key to connect back to the caller.
3 party Conference
When in a call the press the Conf button the phone will put your current call on hold. Dial the number of the party you wish to conference and press send. Once the party answers the call ConfCall will appear on the bottom of the display above one of the hot keys. Press the button to join both of your calls on the conference.
On Grandstream phones the ForwardAll button is one of the hot keys under the display.  If your phone doesn’t have ForwardAll on the display press the hot key under More and look for FWDALL or ForwardAll.  Press ForwardAll, enter the number to forward calls to and press OK.  An Icon on a receiver with an arrow pointing right will appear on the display. To turn forwarding off press the Cancel Forward hot key. On the GXP2200 the Forward can be found by pressing Settings on the display menu. Then press Personalize Account. Then choose your account, the Forward option is the last one on the right.