The Timeout Service is a programmed destination for routing calls to a device that are not answered within the programmed Timeout(Seconds)Timeout service is configured by selecting the preferred service with a drop down menu using the Manage Devices command. The Data Entry fields change, depending on the Timeout service selected.

The following are options for Timeout Service:


If the Timeout Service is set to none, after the timeout the call will hang-up.


If the timeout service is set to Forward, unanswered calls to the device are forwarded to a specified phone number. The Forward option will add two Data Entry fields to configure:

Dial Number

Enter the telephone number to route calls to if unanswered. Numeric digits only.

Answer Confirmation

Answer Confirmation allows the person at forwarded number the option to accept or reject the incoming call by pressing a digit. To enable Answer Confirmation select yes from the drop down menu.


If the timeout service is set to Voicemail, unanswered call are sent a Voicemail Box. Use the following Data Entry field to configure the Voicemail option:

Voicemail Box

A Drop Down Menu will appear with all the Voicemail Boxes that have been configured on the account. Choose the one to be used for this Feature/Device

Note:It will be necessary to configure a voicemail box for the device or service using Manage Voicemail before one can be selected from the drop down menu


If the timeout service is set to Voicemail2Email the system will give the caller an option to record a message. The system will then email a copy of the message to the email address programmed. Use the following Data Entry field to configure the Voicemail2Email option:

Voicemail Email

Enter the email address for voicemail message of unanswered call to be sent to.


Enter the number of seconds to ring before sending the call to the selected Timeout Service.