To configure an E911 location select Manage E911 Location from the Account menu in your Fractel account portal.  Listed below is the information you will need for setting up an E911 location
Location Type - Select either Enterprise for and office or Residential for a home from the drop down menu
E911 ANI – select the Phone number to tie to the E911 listing from the drop down menu
E911 Location Name – Set a name to identify this E911 listing.
E911 First Name – Enter the first name of the party
E911 Last Name – Enter the last name of the party
E911 Company Name – enter the Company name associated with the account
E911 Street Number – Enter the Street number of the street address
E911 Street Name - Enter the Street Name
E911 Address type – Select the type of office for this location from the Drop down menu (example. Suite)
E911 Address number – enter the suite or office number for this location
E911 City – Enter the name of the City  the office is in
E911 State(2 Letters only) – enter the state abrievation code
E911 Zip Code – Enter the postal Zip code for the location
Press submit to validate the address with E911 If there is a problem use the back button to go back and edit the entry.
If the address is confirmed valid Click Submit to add the E911 location to your account.