A ring group is a number of phones programmed to ring when receiving an incoming call.  Ring Groups can be configured to ring devices in 1 of 2 methods, Simultaneous or Sequential. Ring groups in FracTEL CloudPBX can also be programmed to play a greeting as well as offer a timeout service for managing calls that are not answered. 

Follow this procedure to add a new device for use with FracTEL CloudPBX.

Log in to the FracTEL portal.

Select Manage Ring Groups in the Features menu. On the Manage Ring Group page select the ring you want to manage or Add New Ring Group from the drop down menu and then click on the submit button.

Listed below are the data entry fields  that need to be set for configuring a ring group, with a brief description.

Ring Group Name - The Ring Group Name will be used to identify the ring group in the configuration menus and call tree.

Ring Timeout (Seconds) – Use this setting to set how long to ring the devices in the group. Recommend setting 25 second approx 7 rings)

Max Ring Time (Seconds, 0=disabled) - This setting is used for setting the max ring time for the group when the ring group strategy is set for sequential.

Caller Id Name – Use the caller id name field to change the incoming caller id.  This is useful if a device is in multiple ring groups for the user to identify which group the call is for.

Ring Group Strategy Simultaneous – When using this setting, all devices selected in the ring group will ring until the Ring Timeout value is reached. The call will then be sent to the timeout service selected.

Ring Group Strategy Sequential - The Sequential Ring group will ring the devices you select in an order you set.   To select the order you want the devices to ring, click on the device you want to ring first. Use the Move Device Up button until it is on top of the list. Repeat this with the other all the devices you want to ring with this group.  Once you have your entire group of devices at the top; Select/highlight the group of devices to ring.  Then set the Ring Timeout. This value is how long the phone will ring before calling the next phone in your group. Set the Max Ring Timeout to the total time you want the devices to ring before sending the call to the timeout service.

Note: When using a sequential ring strategy the max ring timeout value MUST be higher than the Ring Timeout value.

Greeting –  If you would like to play a message to your caller before sending the call to the ring group

Hold/Ring Sound – Use this setting to program what your callers will here while waiting to be answered.

Timeout Service – The Timeout Service is for the purpose of handling a call that no agents picked up.

Ring group active - Use this setting to disable or enable the ring group

Destinations – Ring groups can be configured to ring devices registered to FracTEL CloudPBX or Speed Dials that are set to forward.  When using a speed dial set to forward as part of the Ring Group, the ring group will default to use answer supervision as a confirmation to connect the call. 

Answer supervision -  when the call is answered by the device, the user will hear a message asking them to dial a code to connect to the calling party.