Follow this procedure to add a Voicemail Box for use with FracTEL CloudPBX.

Log in to the FracTEL portal.

To Manage the Voicemail Boxes on our CloudPBX Account Voicemail box got to the Features menu tab and select Manage Voicemail.


Select the Voicemail Box to edit from the drop down menu. To set up a new Voicemail Box choose Add New Voicemail Box from the drop down menu and press Submit.

Label -  The Label field will be used to identify this Voicemail Box in the CloudPBX Call Tree and drop down menus for configuring use with devices or other service types.

Access ID - The Access ID is the number that will be dialed to reach the Voicemail Box in the Messages system.  The Access ID Number needs to be numerical so that it can be entered with a phone keypad.

Access PIN -The Access PIN is the pass code to access the Voicemail Box in the Messages system.  This PIN needs to be numerical so it can be entered from phone keypad.

Voicemail email address - Enter the email address to have recorded voicemail messages sent to the user's email. 

Email Messages - Choose from the drop down menu to have this voicemail box email meesage OnDemand or Always to the Voicemail Email address programmed above.

Greeting -

Instructions -

Announcment -

Voicemail Box Active -