The Edit DID Command will be used for assigning the service to operate when the Telephone number is called.  The Fields in the portal will change based on the Service type selected.

Service Type Options

·         Trunk Group
·         Forward
·         Voicemail
·         Voicemail2Email
·         Fax 2Email
·         Messages
·         IVR menu
·         Conference
·         Scheduler
·         Device
·         Ring Group
·         Queue
·         Page group
·         Hangup

Trunk Group

 Trunk group is the Service type to be used with a SIP PBX. When using Trunk Group service you will also be provided with a Failover type option. This Failover would be used in the event calls on your trunk group numbers are not able to reach your PBX.


The Forward service type is used for forwarding to phone numbers not on Fractel Account


The Voicemail service type is a hosted Voicemail Box for messages. These Messages can be stored on the Fractel network or be set to be emailed to an email address of your choosing.


When the Fax2Email is configured, your telephone number will be virtual fax machine for incoming faxes.  Outgoing faxes can be sent as well by emailing the Fractel fax service.


The Messages service type is used for creating a dial in number for accessing your voicemail.  You may use this feature if you have employees that need to access the Voicemail system for checking their voicemails while away from the office.

IVR Menu

An IVR Menu is an Interactive Voice Response Menu (also known as an Auto Attendant), in which the caller listens to a pre recorded greeting giving them options to direct their call in the phone system.  While the greeting is playing the phone system is listening for the caller to input a destination by pressing one of the number keys on the caller’s telephone.


The Conference service type is used for hosting Conference Calls on Fractel.  When setting up the Conference room the administration can set up separate moderator and user pin codes to authenticate access to the conference call.


The Scheduler is used for configuring your phone number’s destination using a set Time of day route.  Normally this would be used to route calls to a device or ring group during business hours and an alternate locations after hours like voicemail or forward to an answering service.

Ring Group

Ring groups are used for directing calls to a group of phones, to have them all ring at the same time. This allows the administrator to ring groups of people that may work in the same department with the first available person can pick up the telephone.


A queue is a destination that large amounts of callers can wait on hold, until the next available representative can take their call.  If configured to do so, hold music or advertising messages can be played in the background while the caller is waiting to be picked up.

Page Group

Creates a group of phones that when called all the phones in the group will automatically answer and open the speakerphone.


If you require a call to a phone number to not be used and terminate any calls to it, you can use the Hangup service type.