This is a list of some of the more frequently used technical words and phrases when managing your devices.

Device Type

Select the model of VoIP telephone from the approved list of FracTEL Certified Devices

Line Number

When adding more than 1 account to a single device, finish setting up Line 1 and press submit. Do not use the back button to add additional lines on a device. Re-enter the Manage Devices menu and choose the device from the drop down menu to add the additional account to.

Device MAC

Enter the MAC Address of the VoIP Telephone. Use only alpha-numeric digits. No Spaces or Colons.

Device Label

Device label is used to identify the account on the Phone and in the FracTEL Portal. Common Device labels are the extension number of the Device or the Users’ name.

Directory First Name

First name of the User of this device for the Directory entry

Directory Last Name

Last Name of the User of this device for the Directory entry

Speed Dial

Speed dial is the number you dial to call the device from other registered devices or from the IVR Menu. The Speed Dial is your extension number.

Local Area Code

Enter the local area code to use 7-digit dialing within the specified area code

Caller Id

Select the Phone number to be assigned to the device for all outbound calls

E911 Location

Select the E911 location from the Drop down menu. If you need to add an E911 location use the Manage E911 Locations found in the Account Menu

Timeout Service

Select the method of handling a call that isn’t answered.  The service type options are Voicemail, Voicemail2email, Forward, or None.

Device Active

Enable or disable this device on FracTEL CloudPBX

Time Zone

Set the Time zone for this device


Enable encryption protocols for this device.

Reboot Device

Click the checkbox and press submit to send a reboot command to the device.

Delete Device

Click the checkbox and press submit to delete this device. WARNING: If a device is deleted before it is disconnected from the network you may cause your account to be blocked from registration. Please disconnect the device from the network and power before deleting it.