Follow this procedure to order a new phone number for use with FracTEL CloudPBX.

Log in to the FracTEL portal.

The FracTEL portal has built in tools for adding additional telephone numbers.  There are a couple of options to be set when ordering a telephone number depending on the how the number is to be used on your account.

Fax telephone numbers

When ordering a fax number it is import to set the T.38 Support option to yes.  This will set the search to filter out numbers that do not support faxing.

Text messaging numbers

If you want to have SMS messaging support on the number you are ordering you must set the SMS Support to yes, for filtering out the numbers that do not support text messaging.

Order new DID

Once you have selected the options for the number you wish to order the next step is to search for available numbers. Enter the Area Code or Toll Free prefix for a list of available numbers.  The numbers that are returned by the search Criteria will list the City name associated with the telephone number. Highlight the number(s) to be ordered by clicking the number(s) in the results window. For selecting multiple numbers use the CTRL key on your keyboard.  Once you press Submit the list of numbers highlighted will be listed giving you a chance to review the numbers before ordering, press submit to order the numbers. The numbers order should be active on your account within a couple of minutes.